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Dr. Kim LIVE

Coping With COVID-19: Life Coaching & Consulting Services Available

2020-09-18 16:08:23 - United States, Pennsylvania, Red Hill - (PR Distribution™)

The effects of COVID-19 are impacting us all in different, yet similar ways- individuals, couples, children, and families, employers/ employees, groups, organizations, communities, and businesses have all been affected. Everyone has needed to make changes. Change, while not an easy process for some, is a part of life. COVID-19 has demonstrated our capacity for change, and yet people cope with these changes in different ways. Our physical, mental- behavioral, and spiritual health and wellness require care. Since the conditions brought about by COVID-19 have been impacting many children, families, and stakeholders at all levels of influence in mixed and varied ways, many treatable conditions are reportedly on the rise again. So many primary and secondary health conditions can place individuals at an even greater risk for contracting other forms of “dis-ease”. Coming together with like-minded and hearted people for fellowship, communion, connection can provide healing.

The effects of various “coping” strategies people may choose to use, for better or worse, consciously, or unconsciously, can also affect us all. Change is not easy. Change can be messy. It can be a very painful and difficult process. Counselors and Life Coaches can help people who have more difficulty accepting and coping with changes, attaching and detaching, connecting and disconnecting, move through the stages of change process faster. Counselors and Life Coaches can also help individuals who need to learn skills and tools to better protect their own health and wellness, as well as the health and wellness of those around them/ who they say they care for, while simultaneously learning more ways to better mitigate the effects of how others may choose to cope or not cope so well with changes, transitions, and hardships. When individuals who need support do not enlist the proper mental-behavioral health care support professionals, when they are needed, and/or refuse to receive treatment when treatment is needed, everyone involved may pay a price.

Denial that a problem exists is one of the most dangerous ways of coping and yet, can be an all too common and natural part of the process of change. Recognition that a problem exists is indeed still the first step to “recovery”.

While we have all needed to navigate through so many changes not only in the ways we are working, communicating, learning, and relating to one another, many of us are now also experiencing the effects of decreased access to those events, people, places, and/or things that are correlated with more joy.

With more limited contact and access to doing the types of things in the world we have enjoyed doing, seeing the types of people we might have appreciated and enjoyed seeing, it is not unusual or unexpected that depression, anxiety, and other so-called symptoms of "conditions" could set in (based on the changing conditions).

“Conditions caused by conditions.” “Behaviors Selected Through Environments”. Creating and engineering healthier and happier learning environments and ways of doing things was one of Dr. Rehak's specialty areas for many years.

Taking time to “REVIEW”, “REFLECT”, & “REVISE” requires us all to take more personal responsibility for the choices we choose to make and the effects these choices may have on not only our own lives, but on the lives of the people around us, past, present, and future.

Choose Your Environments Wisely.