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Dr. Kim LIVE

Children's Crisis Support offers phone and mobile crisis support to children and adolescents (up to age 18), and their family members in Montgomery County, PA. A trained crisis support professional will help you stabilize the immediate crisis through phone or face-to-face contact and continue to provide support until additional resources can be identified. Crisis support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week at 1-888-HELP-414 (435-7414). Crisis intervention is provided to help children and families cope with immediate situations and direct them toward resolutions and resources that will help them better manage future crises. All services are provided at NO CHARGE,

Available services include, but are not limited to: supportive telephone counseling 24 hours per day, mobile on site intervention when needed, strategies for reducing crisis, referral to other services as needed, emergency respite, psychiatric evaluation. This program helps children and families break the cycle of crisis and learn strategies to manage better over time.

The mission of Montgomery County Children's Crisis Support is to empower and serve people in need of specialized supports by providing innovative services that improve their ability to live fulfilling lives in the community.